GST Effect on Reliance Jio Products @ Jio Fiber, Jio DTH & Jio 4G Phone

By | January 2, 2019

GST Rate of Reliance Jio Bills for Prepaid and Postpaid Users, Reliance Jio Fiber Rates After GST, Jio DTH Price After GST & Before GST, New Product Jio GST & Much More:

From July 1, 2017, the Indian government had proclaimed the Goods Services Tax Act to all the products in all over India. Jio GST solution is the mobile software to help small retailers across the country to have a smooth transition to GST. After the effects of the Goods services tax, the production rate will be affected. Jio products will be slightly increased based on the service tax. The customers have to pay the service tax for all the products.

Reliance Jio Recharge Prices After GST:

Jio has connected with the Retailer Associations of India to launch Jio GST which is the mobile-first software solution. The software is available for Rs. 1999 and it will contain one-year subscription of JIOGST software solutions, free voice calls, 24 GB data for a year and a Jio with Wi-Fi device. Small traders and retailer will benefit from the JIO- GST software can get access to Jio GST from anywhere.

  • Before 1 July 2018 GST on Telecom Sector(Reliance Jio Prepaid & Postpaid Bills)- 15%
  • After  1 July 2018 GST on Telecom Sector(Reliance Jio Prepaid & Postpaid Bills)- 18%


For Prepaid Users: Previously Reliance Jio Prepaid Users Get 85 Rupees on the Recharge of Rs. 100. Now they get 82 Rupees on the Recharge of Rs. 100.

For Postpaid Users: Before GST Reliance Jio Postpaid Users got 575 Rupees bill if they use 500 Rupees. After GST they will get 590 Rupees Bill on the usage of Rs. 500.

GST Rate of Jio Fiber, Jio DTH & Jio 4G Phone:

Reliance Jio had implemented a GST compliance starter kit for retailers to implement the new taxation system from July 1, 2018. From July 1, 2018, all the mobile phone users will have to shield out more for their mobile phone usage on the effect of GST.

  • GST Effect on Jio Fiber
  • GST Effect on Jio DTH
  • GST Effect on Jio 4G Phone

GST Effect on Jio Fiber:

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council has provided telecom services under the 18 percent slab. Now, telecom services are taxed at 15 percent and 3 percent will reflect in the bills of the current postpaid users. Jio GST solution is aimed at helping small retailers for the transition to GST. It will be very useful to maintain the records, file GST returns and give the tax device about the products.

  • Jio Fiber Previous Tax Rate- 15%
  • Jio Fiber Latest Tax Rate- 18%

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GST Effect on Jio DTH:

For the prepaid users, the money will be deducted in the talk time. For postpaid users, if the current postpaid bill is Rs. 500, then you have to pay the bill amount Rs. 575. If the postpaid bill after the GST effect, the customer will have to pay Rs. 590. Here 3% will increase the tax rate on their full talk time prepaid products.

  • Jio DTH Previous Tax Rate- 15%
  • Jio DTH Latest Tax Rate- 18%

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GST Effect on Jio 4G Phone:

For the Prepaid users, normal talk time for prepaid customers will recharge Rs 100 for their phone will get 85 rs talk time. After the effect on GST, Rs 82 will be recharged. Rs 3 will be deducted for the tax. GST will come into effect from July 1 and indirect tax regime will deduct the money from central and state taxes such as excise, service tax, and vat.

  • Jio 4G Phone Previous Tax Rate- 15%
  • Jio 4G Phone Latest Tax Rate- 18%

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