Reliance Jio HoloBoard MR Headset Mixed Reality – Features, Services, Price, Availability

By | August 31, 2019

Mukesh Ambani the CEO of Reliance Jio Industries has recently announced a device on its 42 AGM Meeting, which will give the cinematic experience to its Users. Reliance Industry has introduced the Jio Holo Board MR Headset, which supported by its wireline broadband service. Jio HoloBoard MR headset brings an experience of the Mixed Reality which is the Hybrid of Virtual & Augmented Reality Experience for its subscribers. Reliance Jio Holoboard is a device which needs Jio Fiber Broadband to be Operated.

Reliance Jio HoloBoard MR Headset Features

Jio Holoboard MR Headset is worked on Jio’s mixed reality services. Jio MR Headset will create a 3D Hologram of any object in front of the user’s eyes.

In order to produce the enhanced simulation, HoloBoard consists of an AR headset that can be attached to any smartphone like Android or iOS.

It utilizes the front camera of the smartphone and a gesture-based remote controller with programmable buttons running on Bluetooth.

Tesseract Company has produced the Jio HoloBoard Device which was acquired by Reliance earlier.

The Jio HoloBoard MR Headset will provide facilities of MR Shopping, MR Education, MR movie watching. It also offers hands-free video calling in an easy way. Uses of Jio HoloBoard MR Device are described in the below section.

Jio Holoboard MR Headset Services

Reliance Jio HoloBoard MR Headset is going to use in the three vast areas of the user’s daily life. Mukesh Ambani described the importance of the Holoboard Headset for the user’s perspective.

MR Shopping

Everyday peoples purchase many things (like clothes) through online shopping stores. They will get many products without the trail. By using the Jio Holoboard MR Headset you can get a trial of your clothes without wearing them before order online. You can check 3D Hologram of the product by helping the Jio MR headset.

MR Education

By using the Jio Holoboard MR Device aspirants can understand their science and arts and other projects through a 3D model. Students can easily understand the details of their educational projects by its 3D hologram.

MR Movie Watching

Jio HoloBoard MR Device is given the ultimate experience of movie watching. By using the Jio Holoboard MR Headset you can watch a movie in 3D and get the experience of the cinema hall at home. Jio will start a new service Jio’s First Day First show from Mid 2020. In this service, users can see the movie on its release date by using this device.

Hands-free Video Calling

The subscriber can also use the Jio Holoboard MR Device for Hands-free video calling service.

Jio Holoboard MR Headset Description & Price in India

➤ The Jio Fibre has supported the mixed reality (augmented reality and virtual reality combined) which supports immersive shopping experiences, high definition entertainment apart from high-quality video calling anywhere in India.

➤ The Jio Holoboard MR Headset of 125 grams and the user can simply slide the Smartphone screen by using the headset.

➤ Jio HoloBoard will be available at an affordable price in the market of India in January 2020 as per company announcements at the latest AGM Meeting. The Holoboard MR HeadSet will come up in the market in between 1500 to 2000 /- Rs Range. The Final Commercial Price will release soon.

Reliance Users will be able to purchase this device from the official website of

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